Getting Started

Watch the videos below to get started with Shortcuts Live!

Getting Started

Before you get started, download this checklist to check off each set up task as you go!

Welcome to Shortcuts Live!

Accessing Live and updating your password

Set Up

Entering your Business Details

Setting your GST

Appointment Book Setup

Adding your Service Menu

Adding your Products

Adding an Employee

Creating Roster Types and Rosters

Payment Types and Receipt Settings

SMS Confirmation Setup

Security Setup and Allocation

Appointment Book

Find your way around the Appointment Book

Create a Booking for a New Client

Create a booking for an existing client

Manage and Amend an Existing Booking

Reschedule an Appointment

Locate a Booked Appointment

Schedule a Task

Arrive and Check-out a Client

Understand the Status Colour of an Appointment

Print the Appointment Book

Point of Sale

View transaction list

Create a new sale for an existing client

Create a new sale for a walk in client

Process a refund

Client Management

View and add client history notes

Adding clients to your database


Understanding and Setting up Targets

Reporting & Dashboard Overview

Running Key Reports